Fill Your Life with Love and Art!
Fill Your Life with Love and Art!
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Original Artwork



Inspired by Life!

Enhance your home with original art - whether you want an original piece, or a limited edition print, you know that you have got something very distinctive.

Treat yourself to something unique and original - if you love it, it will give you joy for years to come.   

Alternatively, a more affordable option, would be to own a limited edition print. Prices have been kept low, so you still can own something distinctive without breaking the bank.  All prints are limited to editions of 100 and should fit in a standard size frame. Exact overall size is stated within the description not in the size box.

If you prefer a more personal option - you can commission a piece of work.  Either a portrait, pet or person, a landscape from a photo of somewhere special or perhaps an old photograph that you would like made into a painting, bringing joy for years to come and giving you something to pass on as part of your family history.

Judy Breen (BA Hons, MA) is an artist who lives and works in London.